How to Write a Good Essay

Composing a well-organized essay is an essential skill for not only the high school students but also the college students. Writing an excellent essay involves the ability to use the evidence and strong reasoning to support the central claim throughout the writing. This skill helps the students to use the language more creatively, develop communication skill and think critically. Various steps described below can help a student write a good essay.

  1. Read carefully and understand the essay question
  • Read the question severally to understand the task
  • Highlight the keywords and determine their meaning, e.g., “compare” requires you to write the similarities and differences of the topic, while “analyze” requires you to find the causes and the effects of the matter.
  1. Determine the relevant sources to support your claim
  • Paraphrase notes from the sources
  • Brainstorm the main points
  1. Start your essay with an introductory paragraph that contains a clear thesis statement
  • Ensure that the introductory paragraph captures the reader’s attention and gets them involved in your essay
  • Ensure that the thesis statement contains the main idea of the essay and provides an insight into the question the essay attempts to answer
  1. Provide the road map for your essay
  • The standard number of body paragraphs required is three
  • Each body paragraph should expound one point
  • Open a new paragraph with a sentence stating the central point
  • Provide credible evidence for your claim
  • Discuss the importance of this point to the thesis
  • Usually, use transitions such as similar, additionally, on the other hand, however” etc. to enhance the flow of your idea.
  1. Write a conclusion for your essay
  • Conclude your essay by revisiting your main claim
  • Summarize the main ideas
  • Finish your essay with an intriguing and relevant comment

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