How to Write a Dissertation

Most people consider dissertation as the most complex and longest paper in the academic journey. Dissertation paper is probably the most significant paper that requires planning, consultation and commitment.

Therefore, to write an excellent dissertation, the writer should:

  • Have a clear and concise objective that is based on the central question or a good thesis
  • Work with the advisor or the supervisor and often submit your draft for critique and evaluation on your progress
  • Bear in mind that dissertation is designed to support hypothesis or a theory
  • Write effective sentence structure. For instance, a writer should give full weight to the crucial points by writing each in their own sentence. Such points can be elaborated in the subsequent sentences.
  • Use connective phrases and words to show the relationship between the consecutive sentences and as well as enhancing the flow of the idea e.g. use, however, on the other hand, consequently, ultimately, etc.
  • Acknowledge ideas from the other sources
  • Avoid grammatical errors
  • Include critical evaluation, analysis and discussion instead of a simple description
  • Involve correct and consistent referencing

Note that the information provided here is a general information. Therefore, you are encouraged to consult your supervisor and check with your course documentation to determine the precise requirements of your course.

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