How to Critique a Research Article or a Report

Six ways to critique or review a research article or a report

  1. Look at the article or material as a whole
  • When and where was the material published? Who is author?
  • What is the purpose of the study?
  • What is the theoretical framework or analytical approach (i.e. critical analysis, feminist analysis etc.)?
  1. Determine if the hypothesis and problem are clearly stated
  • Is the hypothesis clearly stated? Is the hypothesis testable, simple, and does it establish the participants and variables?
  1. Determine whether the literature review is relevant and logically arranged i.e. methodologically, thematically or chronologically
  • Does the literature reviewed provide sufficient detail?
  • Does the author appear to have a blind spot or bias?
  1. Make sure the method correctly and adequately tests the hypothesis
  • Is the method realistic? What makes it feasible?
  • Does the method produce data that answer the research question or problem?
  • Does the method address the questions of validity? How?
  • Is the researcher able to overcome the limitations of the method? How?
  1. Ensure that the results are complete and accurate
  • Did the researcher find the relationship or correlation of the variables being tested?
  • Are there alternative interpretation of the findings?
  • Are the findings applicable to other researches or populations?
  1. Analyze whether conclusions reflects the results and adequately discuss them

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