Fire prevention

You are required to compose an essay of at least 500 words in which you describe the benefits of the fire prevention division’s involvement in the inspection plan review process. Also, explain how creating a fire prevention plan can be an effective fire prevention method for organizations within a community. I already wrote the essay […]

Discussion Questions


Chapter 9
1. Based on what you learned about the different rationales for punishment in Chapters 8 and 9, which of our model countries seem to genuinely believe in rehabilitation? Incapacitation? Retribution?
2. What factors do you believe contribute to high occupancy rates? Why does the United States have a much higher incarceration rate than most other countries?
3. Refer to the web page with the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Offenders at treatmentprisoners.htm and discuss the degree to which they are implemented in our model countries. Which standards do you believe are most difficult to achieve? Why?
4. Explain what strategies for reducing prison crowding you believe to be most effective.
5. In light of some countries’ abuses in the use of incarceration and violations of prisoners’ rights, what can be done to influence a country to change its policies? What might be the limits to the enforcement of such policies?

Chapter 10
1. Use the chapter and the Internet to find out the major reasons for terrorism in the Middle East. What is the relationship between the Middle East and Al-Qaida?
2. Why has “homegrown” religious terrorism emerged as the most serious and common form of terrorism in the United States today?
3. Explain the possible reasons why the data on terrorist activity reflects such a significant change in the last 10 years.
Chapter 11
1. Should the United States try to control drug production at the source through the use of U.S. troops, agents, and money, or should it concentrate on controlling traffic and consumption within the United States?
2. Invite a federal agent to your class and discuss some ways that organized crime may affect your community or city.
3. What are ways in which products and services can be better protected against exploitation by organized crime?
4. Of all the possible responses to organized crime and drug trafficking, which do you believe is the most effective? Why?
Chapter 12
1. Age has historically been used to determine whether someone should be responsible for his or her behavior. Do you think this is the best method? Any other ideas?
2. List and rank relative to their level of usefulness the three main philosophies of dealing with juveniles. Be able to support your position.
3. Why is rehabilitation the main form of treatment of juveniles around the world?
4. If you were asked to determine the extent and kind of delinquent activity in a town or country, what kind of data would you utilize?
5. In your view, what is the best method for the prevention for juvenile delinquency?
6. Describe at least one unique feature of juvenile justice in each of our model countries.
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Final Project – Analysing Pandemic Impacts

Final Project – Anysling Pandemic Impacts
The impact that the COVID-19 pandemic caused to the world is huge and its great spread expansion, as well as the world economical recovery, is only possible because of globalization and telecommunication technologies, respectively. The pressure of events like a pandemic in society and business is gigantic, but the risks and impacts of COVID-19 on the global economy are unprecedented in history This final project allowed you to develop academic research to training your analytic competencies and practicing skills to produce and to deliver content, as well as for the new modalities of recruitment.
The successful future professional should be able to become a problem solver by developing tacit knowledge, practicing critical thinking and insights to design and deliver effective solutions, highlighting and connecting these solutions with the best practices and technological resources available to support the organization dealy activities. Right now, you should learn how to adapt yourself to the new connectivity and interactivity demands, get used to work, and study collaboratively as well as deliver an assertive and efficient analysis of the new standards for online recruitment and remote work.
In this final project, you will develop a draft for a research paper about topics you will choose and share the presentation of your research findings as a video-report you will record and share in your YouTube channel. Also, you have the opportunity to get extra-credit if you match the requirements indicated for it.
This assignment is composed by write essay about your research findings(50% grade), based on your essay you will record a video-report to share your findings as you are presenting a TED talk (50%). The research you will develop will be explained in detail in the sections Research Topic and Detailed Assignment Parts.
Final Project Dinamyc
You will choose your research topics from section Research Topic below, and you will answer the research question by writing an essay (800 to 1500 words) based on your online research findings. Then you will use the essay as a script to record a 3 to 6 minutes video-report to share your findings as an unlisted video in your own YouTube Channel. Finally, if you want to get extra credit, you can format your essay text to convert it into an IEEE conference abstract (formatting the essay text and convert it into a conference abstract is extra credit, formatting the essay is not mandatory to get a full grade for this Final Project).
Both, the essay and video-report are mandatory parts of this project, missing any part will give you 50% penalty in the grade. The only part you can choose if you will do or not is the extra credit: if you want to get extra credit, besides the essay and the video report you MUST to apply the IEEE conference format on the essay text, turning it into a conference abstract (template format and citation format). The instructions detailed below will provide you guidance in this matter in Part 4.
The best way to guarantee the full points in this project is you start work early to have time to develop a supportive writing material that matches your individual interests and accomplished all quality requirements.
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Regulatory requirements questions

2. What regulatory requirements exist pertaining to the types of payment technology consumer companies should be using?

3. What should we have done to prevent our customer’s payment data from being stolen through the malware attack?
4. When customer payment data is hacked, what duty does the company have, if any, to inform them of the data breach?
5. There have been similar cases, in or closely related to the fast food field, what were the outcomes?

Book: Gregory, Peter H.. CISM Certified Information Security Manager Bundle . McGraw-Hill Education.
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MKT436 Managing Customer Experiences Spring 2020

You are the newly-appointed Marketing Manager at Chocolateers. The Board has asked you to
produce proposals for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programme which will
maximise Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and drive incremental sales.
1. Who is the target audience/s? What are their wants and needs? How should Chocolateers
segment into sub-audiences?
2. What customer data should Chocolateers collect? How should it be used? What privacy
issues (legal and ethical) must be considered? How can these be overcome?
3. Recommendations: what channels (advertising media, digital and traditional) should
Chocolateers use to build customer relationships? Include tactical ideas for building
customer loyalty and driving sales. How will you measure the effectiveness of this activity?

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Volunteers in sleep experiments are normally habituated to the sleep laboratory for a few nights before the commencement of any formal testing,, get rid of excess alpha activity. , increase the amount of alpha activity. ,C.because the first night of sleep in a laboratory is often fitful. ,D. to get rid of delta sleep. ,,Each cycle of sleep during a typical night tends to be about,,A.5 minutes long. ,B.20 minutes long. ,C.35 minutes long. ,D.90 minutes long. ,,During REM sleep, changes in autonomic nervous system activity suggest,,A.arousal. ,B.increased relaxation. ,C.neural inactivity. ,D.unresponsiveness. ,,The association of REM sleep and dreaming was discovered in the early 1950s in the laboratory of,,A.Siegel. ,B.Kleitman. ,C.Mistlberger. ,D.Meddis. ,,Which common belief about dreaming has been confirmed by research?,,A.Some people never dream. ,B.Penile erections occur during dreaming only when the dreams are sexual. ,C.Sleep talking and sleep walking typically occur while people are dreaming. ,D.none of the above ,According to the text,,,A.Freud viewed dreams as symbolic representations of repressed sexual conflict. ,B.there is no convincing evidence for Freud’s theory of dreams. ,C.Freud’s view of dreams is widely accepted by the general public ,D.all of the above ,,The comparative investigation of sleep has led to an important conclusion: It has suggested that,,A.sleep serves an important physiological function. ,B.the function of sleep is not some special higher-order cognitive function. ,C.the amount of time that a members of a particular species tend to sleep is related to how long it takes them to consume enough energy when they are awake and how susceptible they are to predation when they are sleeping. ,D.all of the above ,,During microsleeps, people,,A.fall down if they are standing. ,B.become less responsive to external stimuli. ,C.display a sleep EEG. ,D.both B and C ,,According to the default theory, REM sleep and,,A.slow-wave sleep are similar. , sleep are similar. ,C.wakefulness are similar. ,D.dreaming rarely occur together in psychotic patients. ,, 1.0 Points,Slow-wave sleep seems to play a particularly important role in the recuperative effects of sleep. The following is major evidence for this conclusion:,,A.People regain only a small portion of their lost sleep following a period of sleep deprivation, but they regain much of their lost stage 4. ,B.Most long sleepers get a higher proportion of stage 3 and 4 sleep than short sleepers. ,C.Volunteers who have reduced the amount that they sleep each night have often accomplished this without substantially reducing the amount of stages 3 and 4 sleep. ,D.both A and C,Circadian cycles without zeitgebers are said to be,, periods. , ,C.desynchronized. ,D.diurnal.,, , ,There is good evidence that the internal circadian clock is located in the,,A.suprachiasmatic nuclei. ,B.raphé nuclei. ,C.basal forebrain. ,D.caudal reticular formation. ,

For this Assignment, you will apply the course material by answering the following questions in a 2-4,

For this Assignment, you will apply the course material by answering the following questions in a 2-4,page, double-spaced paper. In completing this Assignment, be sure to use specific examples and,references from the text. You will need a cover page, which includes your name, the name of the class,and section, and the date. ,,Psychological disorders and their treatment are a fascinating area to study. Imagine you are now a,psychology professional, working with two separate clients, each experiencing one of the disorders,which you read about this past week. (Be sure to use a different fictitious client than the one you,discussed in the Unit 9 Discussion.) , ,1. Describe how you will identify the specific disorder through actual symptoms which the client,presents, using the DSM-IV TR. ,2. Recommend two different types of treatment options for each client based on the main four,approaches we discussed this term (Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive, and Behavioral). ,3. What specific techniques might you try using to help this client based on these schools of,thought? ,4. What are the ethical obligations of psychology professionals when it comes to selecting the best,treatment? ,,Be sure to use specific information from the text to support your answers when defining the different,terms and concepts. When referencing the text, you need to use APA formatting. Information regarding,APA formatting can be found in the Writing Center and should be reviewed thoroughly. APA formatting,dictates how your paper should appear on each page. ,,In addition, your paper should follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar,,

Psychology exam questions, see attached.

1. Does the behavior genetics research showing that genes influence almost every aspect of our personality give you the sense that you have a predetermined fate and no freedom to escape that fate?,,2. What do the behavior genetics research on family influences and the evolutionary explanation of sex differences imply about the amount of influence parental behavior has on how masculine or feminine their sons and daughters become?,,3. How much do you think Daryl Bem’s theory of the development of sexual orientation was influenced by scientific evidence, and how much by his own personal feelings? Explain.,